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Bantai Civet Coffee at The Boots ‘n Bling Gala: An Evening with John Wayne Schulz

Bantai Civet Coffee was one of the items at the silent auction during The Boots ‘n Bling Gala: An Evening with John Wayne Schulz last February 09, 2013 at Panna Maria Hall, Karnes City, Texas (John Wayne Schulz is Karnes City’s American Idol fame). The event was hosted by the Karnes City ISD Education Foundation Board, whose main goals are to provide innovative teaching grants and to recognize student academic achievement.

Karnes City educators and alumni were recognized and celebrated at the Gala. Besides dancing to John Wayne Schulz’s band, there were heavy hors d’oeuvres dinner, beer, margaritas, cash bar, and a silent auction. Along with Bantai Civet Coffee, a deer rifle, a designer handbag, and a Yetti cooler were some of the items on the silent auction list. The highest bid on our rare and luxurious coffee was $400.

With a $25 ticket, it was a fun evening to get together with family and friends. Also, the event served as a mini-reunion among Karnes City classmates. The event was a success. Close to an amazing $119,000 were raised. This money will fund the academic improvements for all K-12 students in the District and for the fun Summer Science Camp for all students in the entire County. Check out the website and Facebook page to find out more about the Foundation’s work:

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