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Bantai Civet Coffee at ACE Academy's Gala

ACE (Academics, Creativity, Excellence) Academy’s Gala was held last February 17, 2013 at Saengerrunde Hall, Austin, Texas. Attended by approximately 200 guests, the Gala was the largest annual fundraiser of ACE Academy. The event was a success filled with fun. It involved dancing, bowling, photo booth, jukebox, open bar and passed appetizers, buffet, prizes and raffle items, ACE Academy’s presentation, live and silent auction.

Bantai Civet Coffee was one of the many items that were auctioned during the event. Some of the other items were sports and event tickets, sports memorabilia, artwork, spa services, professional services, vacation homes, travel and kids’ activities. With a starting bid of $60, the first bid on our luxurious and rare coffee was $100.   However, it was one of the few items that didn’t go to the next bidding. It was bought right away with its “Buy-It-Now” price of $268.00.

Founded in 2005, ACE Academy is the only school in Austin devoted to providing a flexible learning environment for gifted preschool to high school-aged students that focuses on their unique intellectual, emotional and social needs. At Austin’s own ACE Academy, gifted children are celebrated for their unique abilities and hunger for learning.  To know more about the school, check out their facebook page and

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