Noble cause


Wildlife habitat

The civets in our habitat are protected from poachers and are free to roam the entire 100 acre park. Our reserve consists of over 100 civets that have been rescued from intensive farming facilities.


Safe and natural practices

Our park consists of over 350 coffee trees so no matter where the civets are in the park, they will always have a readily available food source. Local volunteers, farmers, and veterinarians check on the civets daily to insure they are being taken care of.


Beans save lives

The safety of the civets on our reserve is our #1 priority. A portion of the funds from every sale go to ensure the safety and health of every civet on our reserve and are provided at the highest quality possible.




Our civets live on a truly organic diet of fruit and coffee cherries.


Local volunteers and inhabitants walk the reserve daily for harvest and ensure security of the civets.


Our soil is treated on a day-to-day basis with natural composting.


Smooth, balanced flavor no other coffee can compare with.


Our fair trade certified coffee does this by guaranteeing farmers a Minimum Price.

In memory

Our reserve is named in honor of Julie Campbell, Peace Corps Volunteer.


About us

In March, 2006, I began my journey from San Antonio, Texas to the Philippines by volunteering for the U.S. Peace Corps. My assignment was to work with coffee and rice farmers in a remote tribal region of the Philippines.

I experienced life-changing events during my two years of service with the Peace Corps...

In addition to developing numerous community projects, gaining new and lasting friendships, and marrying the love of my life, I found a career I truly love—bringing Bantai Civet Coffee to you!

While serving the community of Asipulo, Ifugao Province, a terrible tragedy occurred...

A co-worker and fellow Peace Corps volunteer, Julia Campbell, tragically lost her life as she hiked in the nearby mountains. This event was devastating for the Campbell family, the other Peace Corps volunteers, and the people of the Ifugao Province. My local counterpart, Gerald Puguon Jr. and I developed a memorial site in tribute to Julia Campbell.

In addition, the Puguon family clan opened their indigenous organic farmland for public use as a camping, hiking, and educational training facility. The 40 hectare area is now The Julia Campbell Agro-Forest Memorial Park.

The park is also home to the Bantai Civet Coffee company and the civet coffee collection. Organic fruit and native rice farming are also beginning to generate income for continued development of the park.

Civet coffee, which is extremely rare and valuable, is produced naturally in our wildlife habitat and collected by the park inhabitants...





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Copyright © 2020 Bantai Civet Coffee · All rights reserved. | Legal Notice | Privacy

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