Nestled against the ancient rice terraces in the Cordillera Mountain range in the Ifugao Province of North Luzon, Philippines, a Conservation Project is home to wild civets who eat the ripest beans of the organic, shade-grown Robusta coffee plants. The beans pass through the civets undigested, but enzymes in the civets’ stomachs break down the proteins of the beans resulting in an incredibly smooth, luxurious coffee.

When you buy Bantai Civet Coffee, you will be supporting these noble causes

Sanctuary for the Civets

The conservation of the civet population of the Philippines is being promoted by this company through education of thelocal coffee farmers. Additional lands are also being bought in order to provide more sanctuary for the civets.

Support for the indigenous Asipulo tribe

Proceeds aid the continuation of the indigenous lifestyle of the tribal community of Asipulo, Ifugao Province in the Philippines.

Development of the Julia Campbell Agroforest Memorial Park

Freshly roasted results in fresh taste. Your Bantai Civet Coffee will be custom roasted in the United States only after you place your order, and we ship to you immediately. You will receive your freshly roasted civet coffee within days, not weeks of your order. You’ll taste the difference.

Perfect for individuals and restaurants, your Bantai Civet Coffee will be freshly roasted for you.

Money earned from production of Bantai Civet Coffee goes towards future development of the Julia Campbell Agro-Forest Memorial Park, Pula, Asipulo, Ifugao, established in June, 2007, to honor a slain Peace Corps volunteer. The park is a sanctuary representing Julia’s love for the environment and the Filipino people.