Bantai Civet Coffee at San Antonio Coffee Festival

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We were very excited and anxious at the same with the thought that we were one of the exhibitors at the San Antonio Coffee Festival held at La Villita Historic Village in Downtown San Antonio Texas last December 1, 2012. For $5.00 a ticket, you’d get to sample our coffee and 7 other coffees from all over the State as well as listening and learning from some lectures or discussions on growing, harvesting, roasting, brewing, fair trade, and even the health benefits of coffee that were part of the event’s presentations.

This was our second and last event for the year 2012. The busiest year for us was back in 2009, where we did radio, television, magazine, newspaper, movie premier, fashion, couple of events here and there or any other form of advertising that were available for us that we took dvantage of. Since there were some two years that we took a break from advertising and focused more on our coffee and other important matters that going back to doing events makes us feel like it’s our first time all over again.

The panic, the nervousness, the unforeseen and awkward situations that nobody wants to get into, are among the very common feelings and thoughts exhibitors would have before and during the event. Because there is always the element of the unknown and thinking of what the outcome would be. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to worry too much. We knew that the quality and taste of our coffee as well as the story behind it are very good and interesting. These product elements made people very curios to the point that they would be willing to wait in a long line for more than 30 minutes. Some would even go back and be in the same situation all over again just to get a taste of our rarest and most delicious coffee in the world. I tell you now it’s worth the wait and the people who have waited (and purchased our products) also think so.

Overall, it was a very good and positive experience for all of us. Aside from a good amount of sales garnered from our world famous civet coffees in pure, morning and evening blends, we also sold a couple of our novelty items such as mugs, the polo shirts and t-shirts. We also partnered, showcased at the same time we are featured in one of Cal Orey’s (a well known health author-journalist) Healing Powers book series…”The Healing Powers of Coffee” at page 80. Our bookmarks were free with any purchase that time but mainly we include it when you purchase the book. It is a very interesting and informative book. I believe that every household should have it as their reference on what else but the healing powers of coffee. There are a lot of things to learn from coffee that we never knew or had different/negative thoughts of before that was not true. It is a great gift idea as well or a gift set to go together with our coffee and mug.

So yes the experience we had at the San Antonio Coffee Festival was a memorable one. We also got to know and made connections with other coffee exhibitors like: Ferra Coffee of Boerne, La Bella Vita Gourmet and Kiva Coffee Roasters, both of Fair Oaks Ranch; Redbud Roasters of San Marcos, Independence Coffee of Brenham, Java Jack’s Coffee of Nacogdoches and Fara Coffee of Austin. Family-oriented, the event was indeed for everyone. They also have hands-on art activities, live music, knit and crochet needlework, unique jewelries for sale and some delicious foods and drinks from 12 noon until 5pm.

What’s even interesting is people will also get to adore and explore downtown San Antonio in minutes and all its beauty and glory especially our famous historical site…THE ALAMO since the coffee festival was held close by. Big thanks and thumbs up to the planners, organizers, coordinators and all the staff who made the event possible and for inviting us. We hope to be part of the next one again and we hope to see you all there this time. Come and experience our coffee yourself and tell us what you think.

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Nestled against the ancient rice terraces in the Cordillera Mountain range in the Ifugao Province of North Luzon, Philippines, a Conservation Project is home to wild civets who eat the ripest beans of the organic, shade-grown Robusta coffee plants. The beans pass through the civets undigested, but enzymes in the civets’ stomachs break down the proteins of the beans resulting in an incredibly smooth, luxurious coffee.
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