Bringing Bantai Civet Coffee to you!

In March, 2006, I began my journey from San Antonio, Texas to the Philippines by volunteering
for the U.S. Peace Corps. My assignment was to work with coffee and rice farmers in a remote tribal region of the Philippines.

I experienced life-changing events during my two years of service with the Peace Corps

In addition to developing numerous community projects, gaining new and lasting friendships, and marrying the love of my life, I found a career I truly love—bringing Bantai Civet Coffee to you!

The Growers

The municipality of Asipulo, in Ifugao Province Philippine is found in a beautiful mountainous forest. Asipulo is home to primarily three sub-tribes of the Ifugao tribe: the Kalanguya, Ayangan, and Tuwali, each with their own distinct language dialect. The inhabitants of the park are members of these tribes.

Meet your growers— the tribesmen of Asipulo

Sadly, most of the Asipulo tribesmen and women live in poverty, earning little money for their strenuous efforts with farming and harvesting coffee and rice crops.

Provide direct income to the poor tribal area of Asipulo

By collecting, processing, and selling the civet coffee beans directly to the Forest Blends LLC, parent company of Bantai Civet Coffee, without middlemen or coffee bulk buyers, a new, substantial source of income is being provided to these proud people.

Your purchase of Bantai Civet Coffee helps sustain and conserve the local environment and wildlife population as well as the traditions and livelihoods of the tribal community.