Organic Farming

The agro-forest area of the JCAM Park, is home to many native fruit and coffee trees, intertwined with the native jungle, providing healthy, humus-rich soil, and a clean jungle root watershed source. The agro-forest crops are also 100% chemical free, proving to be an environmentally sustainable farming method, as water sources and
springs around the park parameter remain safe from silt and contaminants.

The indigenious tribe and organic farming

The agro-forest crops are harvested and sold by the park caretakers. These caretakers farm in the traditional organic method by using natural plant compost as fertilizer, insuring that the soil and plants of the park remain safe and naturally strong throughout time.

Composting or purchasing organic fertilizer is not an issue for those who maintain the agro-forest area.

Rainforest compost fertilizer is naturally created, allowing the fruit and coffee trees to grow with the most powerful compost, known as humus. The crops in The Julia Campbell Agro-Forest Memorial Park grow with this natural fertilizer. By purchasing Bantai Civet Coffee, you will contribute to the use of environmentally safe and natural products on the earth’s soil.

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